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During program year 2020-2021, St. Andrew’s church school will be following a flexible, virtual model of Christian children’s formation for toddlers through 5th grade. For information and resources for middle school, confirmation, and high school, please visit our youth page.

The church year is divided into units based on liturgical season and Biblical themes. For a calendar of lessons, click here. Families can pick up the lessons and material for each lesson from the box in front of the church office, starting from the first Sunday of the unit.

  • To sign-up to have to have a box prepared for your family, register your family here.
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Each Sunday, you’ll find the following resources for learning and growing in faith with your child:

  • A Virtual church school classroom for kids Pre-K through 5th grade on Zoom at 9am. See this week’s church school email for the link.
  • A downloadable Biblical lesson packet based in this Sunday’s lectionary reading, including activities, games, and community service/creation care connections
  • A church school video with storytelling, prayer, and activity prompts
  • Sign-up to star in our church school video here!
  • Get involved in Youth Sunday, March 21, 2021 here

Sunday, February 28 

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Unit 6, Lesson 2 – God’s Promise to Creation

Abram and Sarai were faithful believers in God, but they had not been blessed with children of their own. God promised Abram that he would be the father of many generations—more people than stars in the sky or grains of sand on a beach! As a sign of that promise, God changed Abram’s name to Abraham. We remember that God blessed Abraham to be the ancestor of all God’s followers.

This week’s lesson sheet.

Key lessons:

  • God keeps God’s promises, even when we don’t
  • God promised that Abraham would be the ancestor to many generations
  • We can promise to make decisions that benefit the generations yet to come!

Church School Lesson Video: God’s Promise to Abraham

More Resources for Unit 6

This year in Lent, we’ll be focusing on God’s key promises in scripture. In Lent, we remember and regret how we often break promises or let ourselves, one another, and God down. We learn that God forgives us and that God always keeps God’s promises to us. Each week, we’ll make a promise to God that we can grow into in the next forty days. We’ll also create something to share for our Youth Sunday service on Sunday, March 21. There are many ways to be involved in leading the service! 

Unit overview describes the unit lessons and the materials you need.

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