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During program year 2020-2021, St. Andrew’s church school will be following a flexible, virtual model of Christian children’s formation for toddlers through 5th grade. For information and resources for middle school, confirmation, and high school, please visit our youth page.

The church year is divided into units based on liturgical season and Biblical themes. For a calendar of lessons, click here. On the first Sunday of the unit, families are invited to St. Andrew’s to pick up their Unit Box with the lessons and supplies for the following Sundays of that unit.

  • The next Box pick-up Sunday is at Blessing of the Animals on October 4
  • To sign-up to have to have a box prepared for your family, register your family here.
  • Sign-up to receive notifications about events and classes for children and families, including in-person, outdoor worship here.

Each Sunday, you’ll find the following resources for learning and growing in faith with your child:

  • A Virtual church school classroom for kids Pre-K through 5th grade on Zoom at 9am. See this week’s church school email for the link.
  • A downloadable Biblical lesson packet based in this Sunday’s lectionary reading, including activities, games, and community service/creation care connections
  • A church school video with storytelling, prayer, and activity prompts
  • Sign-up to star in our church school video here!

Sunday, September 20

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Unit 1, Lesson 2 – God Provides Food

God’s people are free! Moses has led the former slaves out of Egypt and into the wilderness. But life is hard in the desert. As they wander in the wilderness, God’s people begin to forget the hardship of their former life. They remember only what they missed—especially the food! And they start to complain!

This week’s lesson sheet.

Key lessons:

  • God provides us what we need
  • God feeds the hungry and invites us to do the same
  • God listens to the people’s complaining

Sunday, September 20 – God Provides Food

Community Service Connection

This week’s community service connection invites children and families to connect the Israelites’ hunger to hunger in our community today.

Visit to learn about how to participate in St. Andrew’s support of feeding ministries in our area.

Follow this link to sign-up to participate in St. Andrew’s support of St. Stephen’s B-LOVE food distribution. Families can sign up to bring a bag of groceries and a $50 Visa gift card to Heidi Harper’s house (more details here). Supplies are brought to hungry families in inner-city Boston.

Follow this link to sign-up to participate in our common cathedral brown bag lunch challenge. Brown bag lunches will be delivered to serve the unhoused parishioners of the outdoor worship on Boston Common on Sunday, September 27.

Talk to your kids about what community service means to you and your faith!

More Resources for Unit 1

The unit map helps kids track their learning across the unit – and the desert wilderness!

Click the image to download unit map

Unit 1 - Unit Map

Unit overview describes the unit lessons and the materials you need.

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Unit 1 - Unit Map

Learn with prayer using popsicle stick collaborative grace!

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Prayer Activity

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