Music is one of the treasured elements of our worship together at St. Andrew’s. While the great music of the Anglican tradition is fundamental to our program, St. Andrew’s embraces a wide range of musical expression from the Renaissance through contemporary times. St. Andrew’s is extremely fortunate to have a Juget-Sinclair organ, which was built for the church and dedicated in 2006. During this time while the church is closed, we hope you take in and enjoy the following selections of musical offers below and that we have posted on our YouTube Channel.

Junior Choir

The Junior Choir is for elementary and middle school children and is directed by our youth and children’s choir director, Amanda Kern. This group runs on a multi-age learning model and builds mentoring relationships between older/more experienced and younger/less experienced choir members. Contact Amanda Kern, the youth and children’s choir director for more information during this time.

Please enjoy this piece of Junior Choir music we have available for now and look for others on our YouTube Channel.

Senior Choir

The Senior Choir is open to adult parishioners as well as high school and college aged singers. This group is directed by our music minister, Wardie Mannix, and will get back to work in the fall.  Contact Wardie Mannix, music minister, for more information.

Please enjoy the video below of the March 1, 2020 Lenten Choral Evensong directed by Wardie Mannix and check out lots of other music on our YouTube Channel.