The vestry functions as the standing committee of the parish, helping the clergy and staff carry out the mission of St. Andrew’s Church. It also addresses general matters of parish policy and management. Each member of the vestry is responsible for a specific aspect of parish life and usually works with a committee of parishioners to accomplish that task. For a contact list of the current vestry members, click here.

The wardens are elected lay members of the parish who work with the rector and the staff to oversee the daily operation of parish life. They assist with administrative functions and financial matters, helping to set policy where necessary. They act as legal representatives of the parish. Together with the clerk and the treasurer, they are officers of the vestry. Current officers are: Paige Manning (warden), Will Nystrom (warden), Joanna Horobin (clerk) and, Harry Condon (treasurer).

A nominating committee consisting of both elected and appointed individuals puts forth a slate of names for vestry positions in advance of the parish’s annual meeting and elections in January. The clerk and treasurer are elected for two-year terms. The wardens are elected for three-year terms. Any baptized member of the parish who is sixteen years or older may vote in the annual election.

Vestry Committees

Each of the vestry committees listed below seeks new members on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in serving on a committee or working on a special project, please contact the vestryperson who chairs that committee by clicking on his or her email link below or contact the parish office.

Christian Learning

The Christian Learning Committees direct and support the ministries of life-long religious education and spiritual formation in the parish.

The Youth Formation and Learning Committee provides education, outreach, and spiritual programming for the children at St. Andrew’s, from pre-K through high school. The committee reviews and improves the curriculum and supports the volunteers leading St. Andrew’s Sunday School program. In addition, the team offers opportunities for parents to engage and understand the youth programs and share in fellowship. Coryell Urban is the vestryperson for this committee.

The Adult Formation and Learning Committee designs and promotes learning opportunities for adult congregants at St. Andrew’s and elsewhere in the local community. The vestryperson for adult formation and learning is Ansley Martin.


This committee disseminates information to the public and congregation about church events and activities through parish publications, website, social media, local newspapers, external signs, and other media. The vestryperson for communications is Terri Rawson.


This committee is responsible for planning and implementing activities within St. Andrew’s that provide opportunities for fellowship and community building for parishioners of all ages. These include the parish-wide picnic, speaker luncheons, multigenerational teas, coventry suppers and potlucks, and the fall “Night of Fun,” as well as fund-raising activities such as the Bargain Haul. The vestryperson for fellowship is Linda Lull.


This committee formulates and monitors the church’s annual budget and, in consultation with the treasurer, the wardens, and the rector, makes investment decisions relating to St. Andrew’s endowment. The vestryperson for finance is David Osborn.

Human Resources

This committee advises the rector and wardens on matters concerning paid staff of the church. The committee prepares and maintains job descriptions and an employee handbook, recommends salary levels and adjustments, investigates benefit options, and assists in the hiring of staff members. The vestryperson for human resources is Lisa Howe.


This committee welcomes new members and visitors to St. Andrew’s and helps all parishioners become involved in the life of the parish. It helps recruit volunteers to greet people before and after the 10am Sunday worship service, organizes Coventry Supper groups, and hosts Newcomers’ Dinners twice each year. The vestryperson for membership is Elizabeth Clarke.


This committee coordinates the mission work taking place outside the church building putting Christian faith into action. Service projects including the following: participating in interfaith peace projects; staffing food pantries; and cooking for the Salvation Army. The outreach committee also sends money, goods and services to St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church of Boston, Our Little Roses (Honduras), Family Promise, Episcopal City Mission, Epiphany School of Boston, and others. The vestryperson for outreach is Mary Scanlon.


This committee plans for and supervises the upkeep and repair of the buildings and their contents, as well as the grounds owned by St. Andrew’s. These include the church building, itself, the rectory, the residential building at 7 Denton Road, and the parking lot. The vestryperson for property is Stephen Mahoney.


This committee teaches the parish that every Christian is responsible for using money, time, and talents to the glory of God. It plans and implements the annual campaign that generates revenue and talent to sustain the ministries in and from St. Andrew’s. Pledges may be paid in full when made, or on a weekly or monthly basis at worship services. The vestryperson for stewardship is Hugh MacArthur.


This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the clergy about issues relating to the spiritual and worship life of the parish. The vestryperson for worship is Laura Brown MacKinnon.