Covid-19 and our programming

A faith-based response to epidemics or large scale outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, remind us to maintain consistency in our spiritual lives, to be compassionate to those affected, and to work hard at diffusing general fears with truth and knowledge. During this time, we will be offering prayers and worship services via Facebook Live. You can watch them at their appointed times, or later on Facebook after they are posted, or on our YouTube channel.

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Pastoral Care at St. Andrew’s Church is offered by the clergy and a Lay Pastoral Care Team of trained visitors from the parish. Whenever you have a concern or problem you would like to discuss confidentially, when a loved one is ill or has died, or whenever a visit with someone from St. Andrew’s might be of help to you, please contact the church immediately.

A staff member is always available to bring communion to parishioners who are shut-in or ill, either at their homes or in a hospital or care facility. Short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and referral to other social service providers are also available.

Any parishioner who knows of someone who could benefit from a call or visit from a member of the Pastoral Care Team should contact the parish office or speak to one of the professional staff.

Members of the parish also coordinate volunteers to assist other parishioners by offering rides to church or preparing meals during an emergency. Please contact a member of the parish staff if you need this kind of help or know of someone in the parish who might.