Covid-19 and our programming

A faith-based response to epidemics or large scale outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, remind us to maintain consistency in our spiritual lives, to be compassionate to those affected, and to work hard at diffusing general fears with truth and knowledge. During this time, we will be offering prayers and worship services via Facebook Live. You can watch them at their appointed times, or later on Facebook after they are posted, or on our YouTube channel.

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Daily Office Morning Prayer:
8:30am Monday through Friday

Compline: 8pm Monday through Friday

Sunday Morning Prayer: 10am Sunday

Text Giving

If you see the video, but do not have sound, right click the video image and choose “unmute” from the contextual menu. If no video appears here at the appointed time for a worship service, click this link to go directly to our Facebook page. You can also try “refreshing” the website page. Please email the Rev. Mia Kano if you have any questions.

Morning Prayer


Sunday Worship, August 2, 2020, Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, Rev. Mia Kano

Visit our YouTube channel, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Wellesley, for more content, including videos for youth and kids. Church school lesson videos and activities are available on our children’s page starting on Sundays at 11:30am.