2019–2020 Program Registration for Children & Youth

Please sign-up your kids for children’s and youth ministries (including Kids’ Place, church school, Rite-13, confirmation prep, and youth group).

The Rev. Maria (Mia) Kano

Sign-up Your Kids

The children and youth of our congregation add to the vibrancy and joy of our community. St. Andrew’s offers a wide range of age-appropriate programming for our families to fit their needs. Contact Susan Jackson, christian learning coordinator, or the Rev. Maria (Mia) Kano, assistant rector for youth and family, regarding any of the information below.

Sixth and Seventh Graders: Welcome to Rite-13

Rite-13 is a program designed specifically for sixth and seventh graders, and is led by a fantastic team of male and female adult leaders. With the guidance of these mentors, Rite-13ers will deepen their understanding of Christian faith, participate in games and group activities, take field trips and forge new friendships among their peers.

The Rite-13 group meets primarily on Sunday mornings at 9:45am. About once a month there is an additional event, generally on a weekend evening or Sunday afternoon.

Sign-up to bring doughnuts for Rite-13 classes this program year.


Eighth Graders: Exploring Confirmation at St. Andrew’s

The sacrament of confirmation offers young people a chance to make an adult commitment to the Christian faith, and to be strengthened in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. During confirmation class, students will deepen their understanding of the Christian church, reflect on faith and contemporary issues, and engage in Christian spiritual practices. An introductory meeting for parents of prospective confirmands meets at the end of September, and classes start in early October. Please click here to access confirmation retreat forms.

Ninth to Twelfth Grades: High School Youth Group

Our high school youth group schedule features three different types of gatherings: common table, program and fellowship. Common table meetings feature a group cooking project and a discussion topic, program meetings include dinner and a group activity, and fellowship meetings involve field trips or other fun events. All ninth through twelfth graders are welcome at any or all of our meetings (although registration forms are appreciated), so please join us and feel free to bring a friend!

High school youth group meets bi-weekly on Sunday nights from 6:45 to 8pm.

2019-2020 Youth Group Events
Youth Acolyte Program

All young people, eighth grade and older, are invited to serve as Acolytes, Banner Bearers, and Crucifers during the 10am worship. Generally, teens are put into a set crew that serves once per month. Training and vestments are provided.