Covid-19 and our programming

A faith-based response to epidemics or large scale outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, remind us to maintain consistency in our spiritual lives, to be compassionate to those affected, and to work hard at diffusing general fears with truth and knowledge. During this time, we will be offering prayers and worship services via Facebook Live. You can watch them at their appointed times, or later on Facebook after they are posted, or on our YouTube channel.

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The worship of God is at the heart of our shared life at St. Andrew’s Church. As followers of Christ we come together to hear the Word and celebrate the sacraments as frequently and regularly as possible.


Online Worship Services
  • 8:30am, Monday through Friday, Daily Office Morning Prayer
  • 8pm Monday through Friday, Daily Office Compline
  • 10am Sunday, Sunday Morning Prayer

How to Pray from the Book of Common Prayer: The Daily Office, Morning Prayer