Christian Learning is a life-long process that involves the deepening of faith and understanding in every phase of life. As such, the christian learning programs at St. Andrew’s fall into four categories: children, youth, college students, and adults.

The vestryperson for christian learning works with the staff and parish volunteers to plan and implement a wide array of educational programs for parishioners of all ages. These include the church school curricula and various classes offered to adults.

Care of toddlers: Each Sunday from mid-September to mid-June, children between the ages of one and three are in Kids’ Place, a room with toys and activity appropriate for their age group. The room is run on a cooperative basis by parents and volunteers, with professional childcare major holiday weekends.

Teaching in the church school: The church school at St. Andrew’s is staffed by volunteers who bring a wide variety of gifts to their ministry with children. Interested parishioners need not be parents themselves, or have children in the program to teach in the church school. A desire to share one’s faith with others and to witness to the love of God in a patient and flexible way is all that is required. Numerous opportunities for involvement exist—teachers, teaching assistants and coordinators, special events coordinators, substitute teachers, chaplains, musicians, and administrative helpers.

The church school year is divided into two semesters (September through December and January through June). Usually a team of two or more teachers has responsibility for a class for one semester. Teacher training and support sessions are offered throughout the school year. Past teaching experience is not required.

Contact Susan Jackson, christian learning coordinator, 781/235-7310.