This year, two Wellesley students are regular members of our adult choir. How do you want to be a part of St. Andrew’s this year?

Covid-19 and our programming

A faith-based response to epidemics or large scale outbreaks of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, remind us to maintain consistency in our spiritual lives, to be compassionate to those affected, and to work hard at diffusing general fears with truth and knowledge. During this time, we will be offering prayers and worship services via Facebook Live. You can watch them at their appointed times, or later on Facebook after they are posted, or on our YouTube channel.

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St. Andrew’s College Ministry

St. Andrew’s College ministry offers a rich combination of Bible study, retreats, and brunches and provides pastoral support and “coffees” for one-on-one conversations. We want to learn about your faith, share our own, and help you discern how to grow in your own spirituality. This year, we have 18 Wellesley students attending either the 8am, 10am, or 5 pm services.

We also encourage students to embed themselves in the life and ministry of our parish. Students are encouraged to take part in St. Andrew’s church activities as participants, volunteers, and spiritual leaders. Right now, we have Wellesley students serving as acolytes, singing in our choir, and reading Scripture during our Sunday morning services. Do you want to help teach church school, or help to lead a Confirmation class or Youth Group? That is also possible.  Please contact the Rev. Margaret Schwarzer if you would like to meet for a coffee, or would like more information about our ministry.

A weekly email is sent out to the college students on our list; it offers a short spiritual reflection and updates for opportunities and upcoming events; please also contact the Rev. Margaret Schwarzer if you would like to be added to the college email list.