Baptisms are celebrated in the Episcopal Church during the major worship service on specific Sundays throughout the church year. It is at these times that the full community of faith can participate in the initiation rite and welcome the newly-baptized into the body of Christ. Traditional dates for baptism are the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus (January), Holy Saturday (March or April), Pentecost (May or June), and All Saints’ Day (November). Baptisms occasionally take place at the 8:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. Sunday worship services. Download the Baptism Application.
Weddings at St. Andrew’s are truly joyous events in the life of the parish. To use the church for a wedding, either the bride or the groom must be baptized. Up to four pre-marital counseling sessions with the officiating clergy member are also required. A prior divorce, while requiring additional paperwork from the bishop’s office, is not a serious impediment to the wedding ceremony. We hope that, barring a move to another city, the newly-married couple will worship regularly at St. Andrew’s after their wedding day. Explanations regarding the use of the church, fees, flowers, videographing, and other matters are outlined in Wedding Guidelines and Planning booklet.
Funerals and memorial services can be quickly and easily arranged by contacting the church office and speaking with the clergy. The officiant will work with the family to choose music and readings, following the rubrics of The Book of Common Prayer. Funeral services can be performed in the church or at the funeral home, as the family wishes. However, it is preferable to celebrate at St. Andrew’s where one’s Christian faith can be nurtured. Please download our Guide to Worship and Planning for Funeral Services and Time of Death.
History and Purpose

The Memorial Rose Garden at St. Andrew’s Church, Wellesley, was created in 1998 to be a resource for members of the parish, their family and friends. Thanks to the generosity of many parishioners, this resource will be available for many generations to come.

As the governing body of the parish, the Vestry is responsible for establishing rules and regulations for the use of the Memorial Rose Garden, for reviewing them periodically, and for informing the parish in a timely manner of amendments to any of these policies. For a fuller description of the policies governing the use of the Memorial Rose Garden, please ask the Wardens, members of the Vestry or any member of the Church staff.


The Church operates under the direction of its Vestry and Rector, and the Memorial Rose Garden is a part thereof. The Vestry, in turn, has delegated to Administrators certain powers to supervise and care for the Memorial Rose Garden. The Administrators will be responsible for its continuing care, which includes ordinary maintenance and repair of the Memorial Rose Garden so as to maintain an atmosphere of serenity.

The Administrators will be responsible for its continuing care, which includes ordinary maintenance and repair of the Memorial Rose Garden so as to maintain an atmosphere of serenity.

Eligibility and Costs

The use of the Memorial Rose Garden for interment of ashes is available to members or former members of the parish, members of their immediate families, and to those approved by the Vestry. Eligibility for interment is subject to the approval of the rector and wardens, or a majority of the administrators, or majority approval of the vestry.

The Church requests $500 for interment in the Memorial Rose Garden to maintain the grounds and burial records of those interred in the Memorial Rose Garden and to have their name engraved on the memorial stone.

In certain cases, the Church may permit honorary interment without charge with right to continuing care in the Memorial Rose Garden. Please feel free to speak to the clergy about any concerns regarding the donation.

The Rose Memorial Garden Map


Only cremated human remains (without urns or other vessels) shall be interred in the Memorial Rose Garden.

No permanent decorations shall be placed in the Memorial Rose Garden. If a family wishes to place a temporary decoration, permission must be sought from the Administrators.

The engraving upon the memorial stone shall be of uniform size and style determined by the Vestry. The inscription shall consist only of the name of the deceased.

The Church reserves the right to require reasonable notice prior to any interment, and further to require that the appropriate Offices of the Book of Common Prayer be used at the time of such interment. All arrangements for interment are subject to prior approval of the administrators.

How to Learn More about the Memorial Rose Garden

You may speak to the Wardens or any member of the Church Staff or Vestry. You may also download a copy of The Memorial Rose Garden Policies (June 2017).

O God, whose days are without end, and whose mercies cannot be numbered: Make us, we pray, deeply aware of the shortness and uncertainty of human life; and let your Holy Spirit lead us in holiness and righteousness all our days; that, when we shall have served you in our generation, we may be gathered to our ancestors, having the testimony of a good conscience, in the communion of the Church throughout the world, in the confidence of a certain faith, in the comfort of a religious and holy hope, in favor with you, our God, and in perfect charity with all creation. All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.