Join us Tuesday evening, March 30, at 7:30pm for Virtual Stations of the Cross

Join Rev. Mia for a virtual guided walk of the stations of the cross. We will pray, read scripture, and reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross.

Click the image to download guide

Guided Way of the Cross

Use this guide to follow along the stations of the cross on Fuller Brook Pathway between Grove St. and Cottage St. The guide will also show you how to find the stations in your own backyard, garden, or neighborhood. Each station invites us to read scripture, pray, and reflect on our life with Christ.

For a children’s version, visit the children’s Good Friday service and Hot Cross Buns page. 

If no video appears here at the appointed time for a worship service, try “refreshing” the website page. If you still don’t see the video you can go directly to our Facebook page or our YouTube channel to view the service. After the service, please email the Rev. Mia Kano if you have any questions or comments.

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Virtual Way of the Cross

This tool provides a way to virtually walk the stations of the cross at home, at your own pace. Make sure to click the arrows in the bottom right-hand corner to make the presentation full-screen. You can click the carrots on the center bottom of your screen to progress along each station. You can also visit each station in your own order by clicking on the station and navigating back using the back arrow on the bottom right of your screen.