Join us Thursday evening, April 1, at 5:30pm to Celebrate the Passover Story

St. Andrew’s Church School will gather for a special service to learn about the Passover story that Jesus and his friends were celebrating at the Last Supper. We learn about how our Jewish friends and family celebrate Passover and why it’s an important shared story for both our faiths. Pick up your Holy Week box of supplies for worship on Sunday, March 21 or from the box outside the Denton Road office (79 Denton Road).

Follow along with the script here.

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If no video appears here at the appointed time for a worship service, try “refreshing” the website page. If you still don’t see the video you can go directly to our Facebook page or our YouTube channel to view the service. After the service, please email the Rev. Mia Kano if you have any questions or comments.

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Children, parents, and parishioners of all ages are invited to participate in this service on Zoom, including the retelling of the Passover story! Join the Zoom meeting 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the service at 5:15pm. Please remain muted throughout the service unless instructed to unmute. What you’ll need: a plastic frog, a plastic insect, a ping pong ball, a paper plate, and coloring supplies.

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Meeting ID: 891 1437 6459
Passcode: StAndrews