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Personal Testimony by Hugh MacArthur

Given at church on Sunday, October 29, 2017

My wife Lakey, our four children, and I moved to Wellesley three years ago, and have been coming to St. Andrew’s for the past two years. In truth, we have been searching for a spiritual home for nearly a decade. Having grown up in different Christian faiths, we had challenges finding the right place, and, candidly, we were also a bit distracted by having, and beginning to raise, our family of four children, now ranging in ages from 5 to 12.

St. Andrew’s has indeed been everything we were looking for. Adrian, Margaret and Cat were welcoming from the first day we walked in the door. They are so good at providing introductions, tours, explanations and reassurance that we thought they had all been here forever. We value these relationships deeply as we do the opportunity to explore the larger parish community.

This place now feels like home. We baptized our children in this church. We appreciate the investment of time and effort by those who teach them at the church school, which is very important to us. As parents, one of the things Lakey and I value most about St. Andrew’s is that it is a place where Christian values and belief in God are passed on to our children. We feel strongly that unless we give our support to this church now, that passing on of the faith to future generations may not happen.

We also appreciate the opportunities to help others afforded by St. Andrew’s through the many outreach programs. We value the liturgical rites, reminders and the opportunities for continuous learning. We appreciate very much the good humor and evident joy in the parish. Personally, I appreciate a rector willing to minister to his flock anywhere — even if it means chasing me into a pub and doing the Lord’s work over a cold beer — Adrian will truly go anywhere for his parishioners!

We feel blessed to be here. It can be trite to say, but truly and with feeling, we believe we have found a special spiritual home, and are looking forward to many days and nights enjoying it with all of you.

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