Joanna Horobin: Stewardship Campaign Testimonial

Given at church on Sunday, October 28, 2018

Good morning everyone, I am Joanna Horobin and I want to share some of our thoughts regarding pledging to St. Andrew’s.

In August 2002, I was new to the Boston area, and single again with two children — Hannah going into second grade, and Charlie a high school freshman. For many years I had been distanced from my Anglican roots so a spiritual home was as critical to me as the family one we had just moved into. But August is a REALLY bad month for church shopping in Wellesley! Frustrated by closed doors several Sunday mornings, I left messages. St. Andrew’s was the first to respond, the first we visited, and where we have stayed!

St. Andrew’s re-connected me to my faith and over the years has helped me and my family to grow spiritually in important ways:

First. Regular attendance at, and serving in, worship services ensures that we carve out time to be in God’s presence. St. Andrew’s Sunday worship — the beautiful setting, the uplifting music, the familiarity of the liturgy — provides a sense of belonging to something so much bigger than myself, our immediate family, and community. The many special services during Holy Week and Christmas — I especially love the Taizé services — further reinforce the sense of interconnectedness with all of Christianity, past, present and future.

Second. The many and varied opportunities to participate in Christian learning — teaching Sunday school in my early years here, participating in retreats, Sunday morning sessions, Alan’s participation in men’s Bible study — provide us with tools to strengthen our relationship with God as we also build lasting friendships here on earth.

Third. St. Andrew’s provides our family with many outreach opportunities to express our spirituality by following Jesus’ call for compassion through the love of our neighbors. Opportunities to model this key element of spirituality are a critical investment in the spiritual growth of our St. Andrew’s family and we are grateful to participate — locally, and in far-flung places, like our daughter Hannah, serving in the Peace Corps in Rwanda.

Sixteen years as a part of the St. Andrew’s family. We have grown together here at St. Andrew’s, both literally and spiritually. On the literal side of the ledger, Alan and I were married here, and our blended family became four wonderful children. Spiritually, we know that St. Andrew’s will continue to support our spiritual growth and we will continue to support St. Andrew’s financially, as well as with our time, in the 2019 Campaign “INVESTING IN OUR SPIRITUAL LIVES”.And who knows — maybe we will be lucky and grow in number too — after all, our son Charlie just got engaged!!

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