Revised Parish By-Laws Approved

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The Standing Committee has approved a revised set of our parish by-laws. Three provisions were added/deleted in the approved version:

  • Added language that would prevent two or more members of the same household or family from serving concurrently on the vestry.
  • Deleted language that would allow the rector to name a non-voting, ex-officio member to the vestry for a one-year term. Since all vestry meetings are open to the parish, this language was not necessary to allow the rector to ask parishioners to participate in vestry discussions.
  • Added language stating that any formal organizations connected to the parish (e.g., a St. Andrew’s food pantry serving the community) must have charters declaring their purposes, defining their members, and describing their scope of action. While we currently do not have any such organizations, it was prudent to add this language, in case there are any changes in the future.

We will need to re-approve our revised parish by-laws at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 29, 2017. Please contact Lynda Sperry with any questions.