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The 2018 Lenten Meditation Guide, with meditations written by members of the St Andrew’s congregation for each day in Lent, is available here on the website (click here, or on the booklet image below to download the PDF) and as a small booklet distributed at Church. Forty-seven members of the congregation have participated in this project masterminded by Cat Healy, writing personal reflections on the bible reading for the day. The meditations are also available as a daily email. Click here to sign up for daily meditation emails during Lent.

Editor’s Note

Dear members of St. Andrew’s,

The 2018 Lenten Meditation Guide contains reflections from forty-seven different parishioners, one for every day of Lent and Holy Week. Each contributor worked independently, without benefit of workshops or study groups to assist in the writing process. Alone, they prayed over the Scripture texts for their assigned dates and explored how the words of the Bible might guide us through the season of Lent.

Because the writing of each meditation was such a solitary endeavor, I was surprised, upon reading through the whole collection, to notice the emergence of certain common themes. If this guide is any indication, the Holy Spirit is giving St Andrew’s a Lenten nudge in some very specific directions: We are called to practice trusting more deeply in Christ, to welcome strangers in our midst, to seek meaning in loss, and to notice God’s glory in the natural world.

Lenten disciplines remind us of what we knew all along: Being a Christian is hard work. I hope this book will remind you of the immense rewards of faith, inspire you to rededicate your efforts each day, and help you remember that you never journey alone.


The Rev. Catherine (Cat) Healy,
Assistant Rector

2018 Lenten Guide Cover

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