Jen Martin: Stewardship Campaign Testimony

Given at church on Sunday, October 20, 2019

Good morning, my name is Jen Martin. I have been a member of the St. Andrew’s community since 2001.  I, along with my husband, and three daughters, have the pleasure of joining this extraordinary multigenerational community to worship, serve, and grow.

I have been asked by the Stewardship Committee to share why we give to the St. Andrew’s Annual Campaign.  My response is relatively short and sweet. We give because we believe in St. Andrew’s. Really, it is just that simple.

We give to support St. Andrew’s infrastructure.

We give so that St. Andrew’s can continue to have excellent clergy, fantastic youth and adult programs, and strong outreach efforts near and far.

We give because this community is important to us and we want to do our part to ensure its success. The cumulative effect of every parishioner’s pledge, no matter the dollar amount, enables St. Andrew’s to thrive.

Currently, I serve as the Youth Formation Vestry person. I have had this privilege for the last two and a half years.  My role is to chair the Church School Committee, work with Mia our assist rector for youth and family, serve as a liaison with other committees to collaborate on various parish-wide projects, and support youth and parent programs. Part of this role is also to draft our budget.

Each year, as we put together the budget, I am reminded of all the vibrant programs we offer throughout the year, from All Hallow’s Eve, to Rite 13 Lock-Ins, to Holy Week Events like the Seder Dinner and Good Friday Service. These are in addition to our more traditional church school education offered to children in pre-K through Confirmation.

I would like to share one highlight. Every Maundy Thursday, we hold a Seder Dinner service and potluck. To see the excitement and anticipation the kids have re-enacting the story of Moses is a real treat. They patiently listen to our rectors act out  Moses’ challenges with Pharaoh and sing a number of songs with Amanda, but really all they want to do is hurl the various objects which symbolize the plagues from ping pong balls to bugs all over the Parish Hall and indulge in handmade Lamb cakes. To see the kids appreciate these traditions and feel comfortable and secure in our church is all we can hope for. Our youth is our future.

And so, the reason we pledge at St. Andrew’s is because we believe in looking ahead and investing in our future, whether it be for the next year or the next decade. I hope you will join us in pledging as well.

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