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Faith & Practice Series 2020 – 2021

This year, we are offering three Faith & Practice classes, which invite members of our parish to deepen our own practice of Christianity. We gather to reflect on an aspect of our spiritual life, and we share our own questions and experiences. This intergenerational class is held from 11:30am to 12:15pm on the first Sunday of the month. You are invited to join us as we grow in faith together. All are welcome.
The Rev. Margaret Schwarzer

November 1        Forgiving Ourselves
Have you noticed that forgiving someone else is often easier than forgiving ourselves? We will reflect on how to get unstuck and forgive ourselves. Join us to share ideas and experiences of the challenges and gifts found in forgiving ourselves.

February 7           Our Confession of Sin: Modern Christians Finding Freedom
Our Book of Common Prayer’s Confession of Sin acknowledges our human brokenness, but it also points us towards freedom and a new start. Come share your experience of confession. There is a powerful invitation to a new life for each of us.

March 7                How We Engage Our Anxiety: Reflections and Strategies
The pandemic has created a challenging time for all of us. Together, we will reflect on how we can direct anxiety rather than getting caught up in it.

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