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Bible Circle 2020-2021

The Peter Chronicle: St. Peter’s Contribution to our Christian Life

St. Peter is the first of the Apostles, a key member of Jesus’ inner circle. He will become the first Pope in Rome when Peter steps into a leadership role after Jesus’ death and resurrection. But who was he? What marks his particular identity as a disciple of Jesus, and how has his life impacted our understanding of Christian faith?

This year, we will be learning about his character, his ministry, and his legacy. Join us as we explore readings from the Gospels, the Book of Acts, and Peter’s own epistle, First Peter, to learn more about Peter’s contribution to our Christian life.
Bible Circle meets on the second Tuesday morning of the month from 11am to noon. A second Bible Circle class meets on the second Wednesday evening of the month from 7pm to 8pm. (In Lent we meet on the second Tuesday.) Everyone is welcome. —Rev. Margaret Schwarzer

Join us from October 2020 through May 2021

October 13/October 14: Introduction and Matthew 14:22-33 and John 13:5-10
November 10/November 11: Matthew 17:1-10 and Acts 5:27-42
December 8/December 9: Acts 8:14-25 and Acts 12:1-9
January 12/January 13: First Peter – Chapter 2
February 9/February 10: First Peter – Chapter 3:13-4:11
March 9/March 9: * Peter’s betrayal: Matthew 26:30-35 and John 18:25-27
April 13/April 14: Jesus’ answer: John 21: 1-19
May 11/May 12: Matthew 16:18 – Peter’s Legacy

* In March (Lent), the Wednesday night class will be held on Tuesday, March 9.

Join us on Zoom from 11am until 12pm for our Bible Circle.

Meeting ID: 813 9999 3246
Passcode: StAndrews

If you want to join by phone, please call: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
Meeting ID: 813 9999 3246
Passcode: 528830721

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