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Virgin Mary, Bishop of Rome, Hospitality to Strangers
In January, we focus on blessings and the legacy of the Protestant Reformation. In Lent, we study the Virgin Mary and Pope Francis, our “Bishop of Rome.” We will also pray with Christian art. In Easter, we practice our Baptismal promise of “respecting the dignity of every human being” by expanding our knowledge of the Muslim community and learning about El Hogar. Join us on Sunday at 9am in Room 2. —The Rev. Margaret K. Schwarzer

Christian Theology
January 21, What is a Blessing? When Do We Know We Have One?
January 28, Episcopalians and Lutherans: 500 Years of Engagement

Mary’s Witness to the Church
February 11, The Virgin Mary
Presenter: Dr. Sharon Elkins, Professor of Religion, Wellesley College
February 18, Modern Marian Devotion: Mary’s Legacy
Presenter: Dr. Sharon Elkins, Wellesley College
February 25, Mary as Mother, Disciple, and Prophet: Who Do We See?

Scriptural Study
March 11, Preparing for Palm Sunday: Jesus and Pilate (John 18:25-40)

Understanding Pope Francis, Our Bishop of Rome
March 18, The Pope and the Lord’s Prayer: A New Translation
March 25, The Modern Papacy: Pope Francis
Presenter: Rev. Dr. James Weiss, Religion Professor, Boston College

Spirituality and Christian Art
April 15,Praying with Icons: Seeing Jesus’ Face
April 22, Praying Through Art
Presenter: Rev. Catherine Healy

Offering Hospitality to the Stranger
April 29, Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Saif Ghobash
May 13, Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Saif Ghobash
May 20, El Hogar Mission
Presenters: Rev. Becky and Steve Taylor

Reviewing and Planning
May 27, Looking Back & Planning for Next Year