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Join us this Sunday, December 20 at 9am when we reflect on Jesus’ other human parent. Join us to consider Jesus’ Human Father: Lessons Joseph Teaches Us. We will consider passages of scripture, the church’s traditions, and our own understanding of Joseph as a role model. There are rich traditions behind Joseph’s role in the life of Jesus. Everyone is welcome.

Everyone is welcome.
Rev. Margaret Schwarzer

Please Join us on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 815 59151528
Passcode: StAndrews

Winter and Spring Term Christian Learning

Our 9am Christian Learning classes will resume on January 24, 2021.  Please share your feedback on our fall classes and your ideas for future classes with Rev. Margaret Schwarzer or Ansley Martin, chair of adult formation.  We are already hard at work creating next term’s schedule.  Join us on January 24 for our first class.  The new schedule will be posted on our website in late January.

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