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Because we were snowed out this winter, we will also be gathering on Tuesday, June 12 and Wednesday, June 13, to consider the final chapter of John’s gospel. Please mark your calendars, and let me know if you will  not be able to join us for our final Bible Circle of the year.

The Gospel of John: A Cosmic Perspective
The symbol which represents the Gospel of John is the eagle — a noble winged creature of the air. It is a perfect choice for a gospel which, from the opening sentence, places Jesus’s life and ministry in a cosmic perspective. For John, Jesus is first and foremost the cosmic Christ, who was with God before human time and space began. Join us each month as we study this gospel, giving special attention to the stories which only appear in John.

Please join us on the second Tuesday of each month from 10:30am – 11:30am in the Harvey Room. The specific readings within each book will be announced in advance of each meeting. Please bring your Bible to each gathering. We will also be meeting on mostly Wednesday evenings from 7-8pm (expect where indicated below during Advent and Lent) in Room 2.


  • October 10, Overview/ Prologue of John: 1:1-18
  • November 14 & 15, Chapter 1:35-51 and Chapter 2:1-12
  • December 12 (morning and evening), Chapter 4:1-42 (during Advent)


  • January 9 & 10, Chapter 7:53-8:11 and Chapter 5:1-18
  • February 8 (Thursday evening), & February 13 (morning), Chapter 11:1-44 (during Lent)
  • March 13 (morning and evening), Chapter 13:1-20 and Chapter 17:1-26 (during Lent)
  • April 10 & 11, Chapter 19 and Chapter 20:24-29
  • May 8 & 9, Chapter 21:1-25 and concluding reflections